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  1. Fill the form under this link 
    (will close at 250 participants)


  2. Send the payment :
    (15 € for the 5km, 20 € for the 12km, 10 € for the 5km for the 12-15 years) 
    (not required for Asylum seekers, Refugees and Temporary Protection beneficiaries)

    Via bank transfer to:
    n Nord-Sud a.s.b.l
    IBAN: LU98 0019 3555 9664 7000

    state your name and # of participants


  3. Get your starting number  

By registering to the race, I am fully aware of the actual and potential risks in participation in this event and, to the extent permitted by law, I accept that the organisers and sponsors of the race, will not be liable for any loss, damage, action, claim, costs or expenses, which may arise in consequence of my participation of the event.

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